Individual Coaching for Program Athletes

Endurance Sports

  • Triathlon: Sprint, Olympic, Half Ironman, Ironman
  • Multisport: X Triathlon, Xterra, Adventure Racing
  • Running: 5km, 10km, 21km, Marathon, Ultramarathon, (trail & road)
  • Road cycling, x-country mountain biking
  • Open water swimming

Program Services

  • Personalised programs tailored to individual goals and experience within the context of career, family & personal lifestyle
  • Coaching support for all athlete levels ranging from developing, performance-focused and elite
  • Clients include rural, regional, metropolitan-based and inter-state athletes
  • Season periodisation & weekly training program delivered via Training Peaks software
  • Local resources and environmental dynamics factored & incorporated as appropriate to program design
  • One-on-one skill/technique analysis & group workshops (swim, bike, run & transition)
  • Monthly meetings (face-to-face, skype etc) for program review & feedback
  • Email and phone support
  • Race planning and strategy (course design, seasonal/environmental conditions, mind-set, process-focused goals, pacing, nutrition etc)
  • Nutrition plan guidance (training and race nutrition)
  • Recovery strategies and implementation within program design
  • Equipment advice and recommendations
  • Professional allied health / sports medicine network recommendations
  • Strength and conditioning support

Group Coaching

  • Group training and mentoring support
  • Workshop facilitator
  • Training camp coach co-ordinator
  • Motivational guest speaking

Community Coaching

  • Cantoo Triathlon and Half Marathon Coach
  • She Rides Leader, Northern Beaches
  • Cycle & Triathlon Coach, Karmea Fitness
  • Warringah Triathlon Club
  • Goondiwini Triathlon Club, Camp Coach Co-Ordinator
  • Tre-X Cross Triathlon Pathway Partner
  • Tour de Cure/IM Melbourne Ambassador & Fundraiser

Personal Training

  • One-on-one & small group personal training, Northern Beaches Sydney
  • Program design tailored to individual goals of health, fitness and well-being


To discuss program coaching opportunities and pricing please email: or mobile: 0410 166 639

Fee Summary:

Director & Head Coach: Bec Hoschke

  • Triathlon/multi-sport programs: $180-$240 per month*
  • Single sport programs: running (trail/road); cycling (road/xc mtn bike); swimming (pool/open water); with cross training & s+c guidance: $110-$130 per month*
  • *Individual program fee subject to assessment of athlete level, experience, goals, event schedule and service support. Minimum 3 month commitment

Assistant Coach Programs:

  • Triathlon/multi-sport $155 per month*
  • Single sport $110 per month*
  • Set up fee: $80 (one off) – Applies to new athletes, athletes which have been off program for over 12 months, or subject to assessment of event & performance goals.